Direct Lending

What Is a Secured Loan

The secured loan is a lending system were the lender may lend money to the borrower based on a security given by the borrower in all cases a property deed, the lender will apply an enforceable legal charge on the deed until the expiration of the contract between the lender and borrower.

The Amount to Borrow

The amount is assessed on the income revenue of the borrower.

Payment Plan

The Payment plan is structured based on 0% Interest, however the payment system is devised using a profit percentage base. There is no rate on the actual amount of the principle.


1) There is no additional re-payment on the Principle amount
2) The re-payment is calculated in principle from profits generated from a business or otherwise goods/services (employment)
3) The term of the contract is stipulated on two factors, the principle amount of the Loan and the amount of Net profit after Tax reduction.
4) The percentage is determined by the asset value, the market rate, inflation and tax reduction in accordance to the fundamentals.

Structure of Loan

1) Application is sent to borrower, once all details are recovered, correspondence will be returned.
2) The Lender will compose a payment structure in accordance with principles, this will be sent to the Borrower.
3) If an agreement is reached between both the Lender and Borrower then legal route will proceed.


The Contract, if agreed upon is finalised by a legal team from both parties. The cost of the legal disbursements is upon the Borrower.

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