Emperium Commericum Nobilito

As one of the world’s trusted Independent Financial Advisory, a distinct perspective that makes a meaningful difference to our business and wealth.


Verbo Dei Dominant

With a team of talented financial services specialists,We are recognized as one of the premier financial institutions in the United Kingdom, We deliver a unique global perspective across three market-leading business divisions.

Khandokar & Co


Khandokar Private Equity

Private Equity aims to create long-term value by transforming businesses away from the public markets.

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Khandokar Private Wealth & Asset Advisory

Independent Financial advisory focusing on the Global economy, risk averse solutions and sound advice.

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Khandokar Private Lending

Developing new paths of enabling client transaction. Creating solutions to enable structured financing.

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Khandokar & Co

“Khandokar & Co are direct lenders who offer fixed term lending in the U.K. Designed to assist your financial requirements”