Khandokar Private Equity


Private Equity Aims To Create Long-term Value By Transforming Businesses Away From The Public Markets

As a private equity investment firm, we typically raise funds from large institutional investors such as pension funds, financial institutions, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, and family offices. By investing in private equity, these institutions aim to deliver higher risk-adjusted returns for their stakeholders.

The private equity funds we raise are used to acquire asset-backed businesses that can be transformed through fundamental change. As a private equity firm, we aim to create long-term value by transforming businesses away from the public markets. We search for opportunities which have been overlooked. We actively seek out investments in sectors which may be out of favour and in businesses which have been under-managed or under-capitalised.

Through a combination of strategic and operational changes, improved management and sustained investment, we improve the businesses we acquire. We create value for all our stakeholders by building better businesses, which are then sold to realise a return for the investors in our funds.

Our Leading Approach

As a premier global private equity investment firm, the team offers a range of investment solutions for a variety of portfolio objectives including:

  • Fund-of-Funds Vehicles
  • Customised Separately Managed Accounts
  • Un-Listed Private Equity
  • Portfolio Monitoring
  • Communication and Reporting Services

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